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The site for the proposed project is located within the Central Business District area of the Westlands area of Nairobi,at the junction of Mpaka Road and Muthithi Roads respectively.
There is an existing building onsite which was constructed in 2004.Overtime and due to use,the building’s looks have degenerated,affecting its revenue potentials as it does not reflect the class in its location.
Tenants have also placed signage on the building façade without control or standardization.This has led to increased clutter on the face of the building thereby reducing its visual appeal.

The project team of consultants consists of Architects, Project Manager’s, Quantity Surveyors, Civil & Structural and Electrical & Mechanical Engineers.Architecture Kenya Media Ltd. (herein referred to as AKML) are the Project Architects who will also be the team leaders of the consultants and project managers. The team consists of the following:

• Architects, Interior Designers & Project Management Consultants –Architecture Kenya Media Ltd.
• Main Contractor/Construction Company – Team Construction (herein referred to as TCL)
• Quantity Surveyors – Aegis Development Solutions
• Civil & Structural Engineers –Masfy Consultants
• Mechanical & Electrical Engineers – Brillitech Engineering Services

The design proposal consists of the following elements which are aimed at increasing the lettable space of the building and improving its outlook in addition installing the latest systems in security and IT:-

• Addition of an extra 230 square metres of floor space as 5th floor to the building will have an inclusion of a mezzanine level
• Additional of 150 square metres of roof terrace space which shall be used as a break out area for building tenants and provide lettable space for hire by tenants for gatherings
• Installation of a state- of- the- art 8 passenger lift that shall access all floors of the building including the terrace floor and add 11 square metres of optional reception space for the 1st to the 5th floors
• Improvement of the façade by installation of an appropriate walling system and repair of the glass windows through removal of all the branding and tinting to reduce effects of sun light
• Introduction of new controlled signage pylon for the tenants signs
• Interior fit outs for the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors to make them modern and high tech
• Installation of a back-up generator
• Construction of a gate house to increase scrutiny to those accessing the building
• Improvement of the ground level parking and acquisition of the external parking space from county government for the building

An additional floor with a plinth area of 150 square metres has been added above the current floor level. The building will now have six storeys including the ground floor. The top floor will be used as a terrace floor and will have washrooms, a kitchenette and open space with seats and a canopy covering.
In addition to the increase in floor levels and the additional lift core, the façade of the building will be improved to portray a modern outlook like other buildings within the Westlands neighbourhood. The signage for the tenants that clutters the building exterior will be removed and replaced with more organized signs which shall be uniformly placed in a pylon sign above the gate house.
The ground floor level has been improved with rearrangement of the parking spaces. An entrance has been created where the lift lobby will be accessed from. Another entrance lobby has been introduced at the staircase which will adjoin the generator room and gate house. The subsequent floors of the building will be respectively renovated to accommodate the new lift installation and plumbing re-haul. The washrooms will also be added and reconfigured so as to have separate ones for ladies and gents.
Project completion date: Estimated time frame – Mid February 2016

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